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A collection of comic artists with a common goal and a message.
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Contributors Include:
Tyrone Mccarthy – Tyne, Corduroy High
Alana Mccarthy – Illustrator
Jason Loo – Awol’d, Popper Cosmix
Brain Hoang – Medicine
Evan Munday – Stripmalling, Quarter Life Crisis, The Amazing Challengers
Arthur Dela Cruz – Kissing Chaos
J.S. Kociuba – The Combustible Yeti
Myself – Action Satisfaction Supreme

Fellow Artists:
Joanna Jung – Graphic Designer
Thadeus Maximus – Illustrator
Ian Rankin -3D/2D Animator
Jeff Lemire – Graphic artist
Jeremy Kaposy – Illustrator, Super Sweet Seven
Andre Jolicoeur’s Doodle Machine – Illustrator
s u p e r b r o t h e r s – Illustration Services Consulting Firm
Benjamin Rivers – Illustrator, Game Maker
Dan Soelberg – Illustrator, Painter
Gillian Newland – Illustrator, painter
Kagan Macleod – Illustrator, Infinite Kung Fu
Steve Murray – Illustrator, Graphic artist, Comedian, Lover (great)
Ben Shannon – Illustrator
Cameron Stewart – Graphic Artist
Sean Ward – Graphic Artist, Entertainer
Maurice Vellekoop – Illustrator
Troy Doolittle’s Top Dog Illustration – Technical Illustrator
Gavin Mccarthy – Illustrator, Cartoonist
Jason Skinner – Illustrator, Vegetarian, Bicycle Rider
Derian Mccrea – Illustrator, Animator
Alex Milne – Technical Illustrator, Transformers artist
Mike Duhamel – Illustrator

Animation Portfolio Workshop – Professional Student Portfolio Training
Guerilla Printing – Printing for the people!

General Interest:
Adam Carolla Podcast – Incredibly entertaining daily podcast
Film Vault Podcast – Incredibly entertaining weekly podcast about film
This Week With Larry Miller Podcast – Incredibly entertaining weekly podcast about Larry Miller’s words
TDOT Comics – Support the Toronto Comics Scene
National Public Radio – Support public radio
Cute Overload – Daily Dose of Cute Stuff
Club Nintendo – Join Club Nintendo today!
Hot Chicks With Douchebags – Your new favorite site!
Starmen – Supporters of the Earthbound Franchise for North Americans
Metacritic – Find out what EVERYBODY has to say about your favorite movies, games, music, etc…

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