Post No Bills Show

Come and visit myself and a bunch of my talented friends at Post No Bills 2. You won’t be disappointed. Sunday Sep 12 2010 at 7:00pm. Leslie Jones 1182 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON.

Basic CMYK

Join me at Fan Expo 2010

Join me at Fan Expo 2010 Toronto Mentro Convention Centre, August 27-29.

Just for you, I have copies of the brand new Action Satisfaction #3 (some limited edition) and the new Action Satisfaction Supreme Collection.

I will be with my Sketchkrieg! friends in the artist alley section.
Check out the FAN EXPO 2010 site for details and guests, some of which include: Stan Lee, William Shatner, Adam West, and David Cronenberg!

See you there!

Benefit for Bald Bryan

Recently Bald Bryan and his wife Christie were given a great deal of support by their fans at “Laughs for Bald Bryan”, a fund raising event hosted by Adam Carolla. I created this image of “Optimist Bry” a little while back and I decided to donate some prints to help raise a few dollars. With the help of my L.A. friend Dr. Richard Munassi they fell into the right hands. Thanks, Richard!


It’s not too late to get involved.
You can purchase Bryan’s benefit podcast at Adam Carolla’s website.
You can also visit and read up on Bryan’s condition while donating.

(If you want to find out who Bald Bryan is, read my previous post)

Bald Bryan Deserves Your Attention!

The “King of the Radio Drop” Bald Bryan (of the Adam Carolla Radio Show) and his fiance Christie have recently come across hard times. Christie and Bryan have been constantly updating a very in-depth journal pertaining to their plans for a new life together while fighting a very serious brain tumor.

As a heartbroken fan I feel it is my duty to pay homage to Bald Bryan and help you to recognize Chritie’s caring nature.

I urge you to please check out their blog An Inconvenient Tumor and while you are there consider making a small donation to help them move towards a new life together.

Thanks for your attention.


Feathertale Review

A magazine I recently come to know and love is the Feathertale Review.
Each issue showcases a collection of writers, artists, and poets. Yours truly is a participant of said current showcase in Issue #4.
I had the honor of illustrating Nick Aveling’s contribution The Rap Concert. I am also featured in their Egregious Newsletter with a bio and a few cartoons.

Each issue is an entertaining variety show for intelligent people. Its nice to be affiliated with it.
Do yourself a favor, bookmark their site and subscribe today!


Reviews Page Open

Hello all. The reviews page is up and running.
I want to share my inspiration and influence with you on a regular basis.
There are links to both the Canadian and US Amazon carts in each review.

I have reviewed the following:

  • Punch-Out!! – Wii
  • Blink – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Dance Party – Wii
  • Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Dance Party 2 – Wii

Check them out. Let me know what you think.

The Speed Gamers Rock!

All Victoria Day weekend I watched a bunch of kids from Texas play an Earthbound (Mother) Marathon. The goal was to complete all 3 games in 72 hours. It was for a good cause and it was a lot of fun. Very inspiring for a fellow gamer.

They beat all 3 games 48 hours and they earned over $10,000 for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer charity.

Bookmark their site and check their schedule form time to time.
They are hosting more marathons in the upcoming months, including:

  • Mega Man marathon, all of the games!
  • Metal Gear marathon in 72 hours!
  • Final Fantasy 1-12 in one week!!!

Proceeds go to charity. I will be watching. Come join me!

TCAF May 9-10 2009


Everyone who showed up to to TCAF.
Everyone who went to TCAF in the awful weather.
All of the mothers who attended TCAF on Mother’s Day.
People who took interest in the Sketchkrieg! table.
Newcomers and fans who took interest in Action Satisfaction Supreme.

Special Thanks

TCAF Staff.
TCAF Volunteers.
$5 Daily parking.

Extra Special Thanks

Thadeus Maximus.
Brian Hoang.
Guerilla Printing.

No Thanks

Mother’s Day traffic delays.

Thanks to Emily for the photography.

Thanks to Em for the photography.

Come Join the Fun at TCAF!

I plan on attending TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) as a guest. Saturday May 9 to Sunday May 10. I am deeply honored to be a part of the festival.

Check out the amazing guest list and come joint the fun.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival

I will be there with my Sketchkrieg! friends selling our wares. This event doesn’t happen very often so don’t miss out!

See you there.

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Feel free to explore the new changes.

The new site offers:

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